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Syntax highlighting for your code snippets in

If’ve seen people using screenshots or plugins in the IDE to post their source code in But it’s much easier. Just use the [sourcecode] tag in HTML mode (example for C# syntax):

[sourcecode language="css"]
your code here

For more information see this

Print all properties of Environment class

If you need a quick overview of the system configuration you can use this code snippet:

public class EnvironmentHelper
    public static string GetAllEnvironmentInformations()
        StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();

        Type type = typeof(Environment);
        PropertyInfo[] propertyInfos = type.GetProperties();
        foreach (PropertyInfo propertyInfo in propertyInfos)
            object value = propertyInfo.GetValue(null, null);
            if( value != null)
                builder.AppendLine(propertyInfo.Name + ": " + value);

        return builder.ToString();

Interactive calendar for FIFA World Cup 2010

Get all details for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa:

  • World Cup 2010 Schedule
  • Cities And Stadiums
  • Groups And Stages
  • National Teams
  • and more


Rediscovered xkcd

Recently I rediscovered the well-known webcomic xkcd created by Randall Munroe.

Have fun!

Print all folders of enum Environment.SpecialFolder

foreach( Environment.SpecialFolder folder in Enum.GetValues(typeof(Environment.SpecialFolder)))
 Console.WriteLine(Enum.GetName(typeof (Environment.SpecialFolder), folder) + ": " + Environment.GetFolderPath(folder));

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April Fool –

Google has a new measuring unit for displaying the search results.

gigawatts? femtogalactic years? times the velocity of an unladen swallow? nanocenturies? parsecs? nanocenturies? microfortnights? skidoo? …



April Fool –

First I thought my account was hacked but everybody has a new picture with a fairy-tale unicorn. Nice!


image image image image image image

 image image image